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Comrades, friends:
        We are in a hurry, and in the unwittingly, we have ushered in 2018. Here, on behalf of the board of directors of Valin Group and in my own name, to the long-term care and support the cause of Valin leaders and friends from all walks of life the most sincere greetings and best wishes to us in the new year, a happy family, peace and happiness, good health!
        As the new year begins Everything looks fresh and gay. that. Through the review of 2017, this year there are many unspeakable hardships, in the face of the real economy downturn, shrinking external financial and credit support, a sudden, business difficulties of payment and other unsatisfactory, either. But in the end, we stick to it, which makes me believe that as long as we can work together and unite together, no matter how hard it is, we can overcome it. I think for any enterprise or organization, the most terrible thing is never the bad external environment, but the inner member's heart is not together. So a truly excellent strong enterprise or group is not complicated, as long as every one of us Hualing people's beliefs, mind is the same wish, we will fight club, invincible!
        Overall, this year we still achieved better than peers with all grades, this is inseparable from the efforts of Tongren valin. Our traditional superiority projects need to be strengthened, and the strategic business should be prepared for a rainy day and layout ahead of time. In 2017, through careful research, we put forward the "3+1+1 development strategy" by using the resources as a link. "3" represents our focus on the layout of three national level emerging fields of military and civilian integration, high-speed rail and new energy. Taking cable as the breakthrough point, integrating technology, capital and customer resources, we focus on improving our comprehensive solutions in the three high-end manufacturing industries. Through this year's layout, our new energy business has been born, belonging to the Valin Valin Group new energy technology company in preparation and preliminary work of thermal power generation project development is basically complete, laid a good foundation for our further independent days after the new field of energy.
        The first "1" 3+1+1, "and we want to represent The Belt and Road along the country for international cooperation, from the cable to the electrical equipment to the electric power engineering contractor, we have cooperated with Italy, Croatia, Bangladesh and other countries nine partners reached a strategic cooperation agreement in 2018, we want to help our country to increase" foreign investment The Belt and Road in the East, and in the same dream, an important step towards the internationalization of valin.
One of the second "1", we should be listed as the core, improve the governance capacity of various aspects of the enterprise, to create a standard with the listing, with the enterprise development strategy and meet all the people the new vision of Valin Valin new subject, namely Anhui Valin new Mstar Technology Ltd.
        In the "3+1+1" development strategy under the guidance, I believe that with our firm and indomitable, unity of spirit of Valin Valin Group will, in the near future, through the accumulation of every little bit, one with strong capital strength, international enterprises can represent the national high-end manufacturing.
        Every journey begins with the first step. Since its inception, Valin in manufacturing base at the beginning of the heart did not change, for the benefit of their hometown and motherland prosperous and powerful power mission never forget! We wish every Valin people can love for hometown, for our national rejuvenation and the motherland prosperous vision, to continue to forge ahead, this belief is eternal, we will always grow forward! As long as we insist, one day, this piece of land, our hometown, our motherland will be proud of us Hualing appeared such a group of people! So the hardships and hardships of all these are worthwhile! We wish every person with such Valin mindfulness and wishes, regardless of any position, his role to perfection, to focus on innovation, with a more efficient way, and adhere to a very careful and earnest attitude to complete every responsibility and work, this time will prove everything, time will bring we have a better tomorrow!
        2018, we are brave to move forward and create brilliance again. Happy new year to you!

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