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1. Strictly in accordance with contract, we will provide the products with standard design, eligible quality.
2. We must strictly inspect and control the quality of raw materials into the plant.
3. We must ensure the integrity of the processing equipment and the detecting equipment. Never manufacture products with defects.
4. For the quality defects in the process, we will notify the customer in due time without hesitate. If the equipment defection is exceeded the contract stipulated, we will replace unconditionally. In the installation and trial operation, if the quality of equipment exists, we will deal with the problem firstly and then define the responsibilities. All that must meet the need of projects.
5. We insure the manufacturing, transportation, handling of equipment that we supply. We will be on the request by the customer for free replacement of equipment in case of suddenness until the customer satisfies.
6. If partial loss happened in the process of check as a part of the loss, we take responsibility to supplement as soon as possible free. If the quality problems were found in the installation and debugging of equipment and operation in the future, on condition that them were determined as our responsibilities, we will bear and compensate the direct economic losses of the customers.

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